metalheadz related Photek interview...?

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I swear there was some sort of interview footage once of several of the Metalheadz lot sitting around in a room, reminiscing about the early days of the label and the club... but I can't seem to track down what it was

Certain that Photek was in it, among others 

Does this ring any bells at all?
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -
I don't know if it was some associated footage from this article, but it would be around that time.

"Nightclubbing: Metalheadz at Blue Note" (April 2, 2013)
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -
no idea
probably better to ask on DOA

So it seems to me it must have been this

"An oral history of Metalheadz at Blue Note"

however at present it only comes up with a grey box - plus, it seems to only reference the mentioned RBMA article...

None of those variations on the link are coming up with any results on wayback either

EDIT: An older archived link version of the actual RBMA article:
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While I'm here... some that I've unearthed
Now based in Los Angeles, Parkes talks to Barcode about his latest release, Form & Function Vol. 2, and how he wants to change how people listen to electronic music!
Fireside Chat: Photek
"In recent times he shifted gears once again and emerged with a new sound to share with the world. It's time to hear from the king of the two swords technique himself... Photek."
- Seems to have been an audio interview, but can't find a current working link...
EDIT: Found another archived link, but audio still not available
‘Modus Operandi’ - Deanna Rilling, December 13th, 2012
"Photek, the creator of intelligent drum and bass, headlines NYE"
- The Lazerdrome Memorial Page -

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