I'm Going to Vinyl in Germany

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hey ya'll they used to call me carbine, etc. but I took my years of jungle/dnb djing and came up with a speedcore moniker...  anyways, I'm getting a six track IDM/SPEEDCORE 12" released this summer off Totschlag records out of Leipzig....
Why did I get on vinyl when there are far more capable producers, vocalists and engineers out there who can't seem to break through the noise?
Here is this: punk beats.zip - Google Drive
4 or 5 years of buying hi fi punk records, sampling the drum bridges and using them as the beats in a track!
There's no way I would've gotten this release using sample packs or digital drums...
it's the analogue quality that was the key to, ykno ACTUALLY going to vinyl!
I'll link ya'll to it when it's out!
it's called EMO HEADACHE
hello Wave
howdy ho!!!!