Looking for songs with good 303 usage

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I really like this song by Atari teenage riot the 303 and atmosphere is crazyyy, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBszyVKSkHA 
if anyone knows anything similar to this here please drop some!! (doesn't have to be the same atmosphere or vibe just looking for good songs with 303s)
As recommended & commented on by Rhys Fulber, Bill Leeb, & cEvin Key, Portion Control's 1982 'I Staggered Mentally" lp was a 303 album predating acid house. Created with a 303 and a 606, not much else. Cleary one of the largest influence on Skinny Puppy & related bands.

Portion Control – I Staggered Mentally lp - 1982

He Is Patriotic
Out Of Order
Plateau Stage
All Present And Correct
Sex Crimes
Sure Is Kinda Spooky
Mass Disorder
Sort Ou
Early FUSE is forever engrained in my head.

I still have the vinyl & "Probe Mission USA" cd compilation. I geeked out on the tunes lots when I first heard them. First time hearing Speedy J under his Public Energy alias back then.

I've seen this recommended too. Early 303 usage, also from 1982, via Indian, Bollywood musician Charanjit Singh.

1. "Raga Bhairavi"
2. "Raga Lalit" – 4:57
3. "Raga Bhupali" – 9:50
4. "Raga Todi" – 14:40
5. "Raga Madhuvanti" – 19:30
6. "Raga Meghmalhar" – 24:27
7. "Raga Yaman" – 29:25
8. "Raga Kalavati" – 34:29
9. "Raga Malkauns" – 39:34
10. "Raga Bairagi" – 44:34
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I noticed this on the radio earlier today. 1982 release.

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