why aren't there more printed magazines in this space?

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Hey all, the question speaks for itself, but I'll expand on my curiosity here.

I run a small print magazine, and up until now we've mostly been covering underground electronic music, but have more recently been exploring art, artists, and sci-fi film topics.

We’re super proud so far to have worked with some pretty inspiring figures; notably Billain, Thys from Noisia, Hazem The Architect, some people who have worked on Blade Runner, Halo, Destiny, The Expanse, and various music makers & artists between.

We have a super-small team, mostly communicating online, and from our original blog—running music premieres, doing interviews, chatting with artists—we’ve slowly been building out a bigger platform. Between our small team, we're mostly covering the topics that we enjoy at a personal level, and so far that's been fun to do.

I’m posting here to ask what kinds of things you’d like to see from a very niche underground art & music magazine in 2023?

I’d love to get some feelers, and if you’re curious what we’ve built so far, the website is https://rendahmag.com/

Have a wicked day!
Awesome that you are doing this, guys. Print has a certain quality to it. People seem to put more effort into it when it comes to put something out like what you described compared with running a blog or posting on social media. On the other hand the audience for such mags is very likely small. Nevertheless big up for your efforts!
Music critic for the Tally Ho
Nice efforts for sure! Has the magazine generally covered neuro related sounds? Great to have Current Value as a feature - I'm a long time fan from the Position Chrome beginnings to now. I'm curious what his fave metal albums are, if any? heh. I also very much enjoy Billain, and listened to "Nomad's Revenge" once again earlier in the week. Cheers!

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