0bleak: Alligator Flavor Crocodile Bile Mix, Vol. 1 (Tales of Scales and Tails)

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New multistyle mix of rhythmic explorations (not too fast, and not too slow, but just so) that leans towards broken rhythms and noisy sounds.
available for streaming and/or download:
https://youtu.be/tgXwjojFqRk *

*I had to remove the Giant Swan track from the YouTube upload due to copyright. That is why there is a sudden jump from what is listed on the tracklist, but it was edited in a way that it would still be on beat.

Kerridge: A Shadow Cast [Downwards]
Makunaimadamä: Wakupemetön [Trauma Collective]
Karim Maas: Know Your Enemy [The Stone Tapes]
Kursk: Drug Induced Psychosis [House of Reptile]
ANFS: Mass#3 [Modal Analysis]
MC Yallah x Debmaster: Balibanyoma [Hakuna Kulala]
Giant Swan: 55 Year Old Daughter [Keck]
Dame Area: La Soluzione É Una [B.F.E / Màgia Roja]
Tzusing: King of Hosts [L.I.E.S.]
Ancient Methods × Black Egg: Ohne Hände (Maschinendub) [aufnahme + wiedergabe] (edit)
Zaliva-D: Three Faces [Do Hits]
Teste: Depraved Human Indifference [L.I.E.S.]
Keepsakes: Selfies Are for the Weak [Haven]
Tetsumasa: Kaidan [Arboretum]
TV.Out: untitled [BANK Records NYC]
Baby T: Free Thinking She Punk [Banshee]
Tzusing: Circa Taipei [PAN]
NX1: IB [Infidel Bodies]
Ice_Eyes x Sueuga: Incubar [Arboretum]
Ancient Methods: Array the Troops (feat. Regis) [Ancient Methods]
Aunty Rayzor: Nina [Hakuna Kulala]
Walton: Overload Destruction [Ilian Tape]
Nze Nze: Alu Da Ke Yang [Teenage Menopause]
Llimbs: Mass [Voidance]
Maenad Veyl: From Body to Body [Veyl]
Carrier: Blue Nine [47]
Torn: Tunnelled Vision [Torn]
Slikback x Mapalma: Mirage [Slikback]
Sorcery: Manufactured Conficts [Midnight Shift]
Ye Gods: Approach [L.I.E.S.]
Schwefelgelb: Weit Genug (instrumental) [n-PLEX]
I Murdered: Insomnia - JK Flesh remix [Reclaim Your City]
Gareth Wild: Night Breed (Swarmm remix) [EarToGround]
Kamikaze Space Programme: Crumbs [Osiris]
Ipman: Running Man [Tectonic]

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