new 0bleak mix for Praxis Records - youtube live chat premiere today/night

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"PREMIERE TONIGHT! New exclusive mix: 0bleak DJ MIX 2024 - Part 1/3: Cheating with a Side Borg on our Noise & Politics YouTube channel. It's part one of 0bleak's brand new trilogy of (noisy) electronic eclecticism + great mixing. Tune in tonight at 9pm (Berlin time) (8pm London - 3pm est/noon pst U.S.)! Chat function will be on, looking forward to see you there!"
Now available for streaming at the following places (download also available at the hearthis link): - download available here

Cheating with a Side Borg is a brand new mix by 0bleak, exclusive for the new Praxis/Noise & Politics DJ mix series, May 2024, the first part of a new trilogy.

Expect to hear several different styles of noisy electronic music from the past to the present.

Full tracklist:
Jensen Interceptor - Model 2029 edit [Central Processing Unit] - edit
Kim Gordon - I Don't Miss My Mind [Matador]
Aunty Rayzor - Stuttrap [Hakuna Kulala]
Torana - Cratered Heart [Weaponry]
Homemade Weapons - Coalesce [Samurai Music]
Presha - Raven (Dom & Roland remix) [Samurai Music]
Raw Village Hall - Jungil Sossij [Acre Recordings]
Dom & Roland - Deckards Theme [Dom & Roland Productions]
Roho - Signal [Samurai Music]
Paradox - Curse of Coincidence [Paradox Music]
Overlook - After Hours [UVB-76 Music]
Dylan - Turbulence [Droppin' Science]
JK Flesh - Veneer of Tolerance (Samuel Kerridge remix) [KR3 Records] - edit
Chaos + Julia Set - First Generation [Evolution]
ANFS - VPA (Honzo ADHD remix) [Inner Surface Music]
- Micropoint - Data Cops - loop
UKAEA - Vulnera [The state51 Conspiracy]
vvonn - Frames of a Tower Block (Bladeblanc remix) [PAYNOMINDTOUS]
Subskan - Spanking Godzilla's Mother [Ambivalence]
C-Mantle - Hayur [Underground Perversions Records]
1127 - told my AI female companion that im enjoying this v generous selection of fancy conveniences (ft. transient pleasure & [Nashazphone]
Paragon - Shadow Mechanics (Tech Level 2 rmx) [Paragon Productions]
Supreme Low - Everybody Ready feat. Sensational (Maenad Veyl remix) [Veyl]
Artilect - The Spiral [Samurai Music]
Torn & Roho - Vigilance [Samurai Music]
AnD - When the Distortions Opens [Instruments of Discipline]
Hellacopta - Assembly [Onset Audio]
DYL - Glasshouse 4 [Detach Recordings]
Force Majeure: Palpitations [Concrete Collage]
Torana - Detriment [Armory]
Killing Sound - $ixxx Harmonie$ version [Blackest Ever Black]
Rommek - Decipher [47]
Nothus & Big Hands - Spl├╝gen Bass [Baroque Sunburst / XCPT Music]
Homemade Weapons - Svalsat [Samurai Music]
Lakker - Im/Mute [Yuku]
Slikback X Teya Logos - Toketa [Slikback]
Laboureur - Davros Vs Daleks [Underground Perversions Records]
C Mantle - Fortists Outsid [Underground Perversions Records]
Slave to Society - Are Human Beings Conscious [Natural Selection]

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