new 0bleak mix for Praxis Records - youtube live chat premiere Sunday, the 30th

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PREMIERE SUNDAY, the 30th! New exclusive mix: 0bleak DJ MIX 2024 - Part 2/3: Shaking a Snide Borg on our Noise & Politics YouTube channel.
It's the second part of 0bleak's brand new trilogy of noisy electronic eclecticism - mixing together not only the most current music, but even as far back as over 30 years ago!
Tune in Sunday at 9pm (Berlin time)/8pm London/7pm GMT/3pm U.S. eastern time/high noon U.S. pacific! Chat function will be on, looking forward to see you there!
Now available for streaming at the following places (download also available at the hearthis link): - download available here

Shaking a Snide Borg is a brand new mix by 0bleak, exclusive for the new Praxis/Noise & Politics DJ mix series, 2024, the second part of a new trilogy.

Expect to hear several different styles of noisy electronic music from the past to the present.

Full tracklist:
Tot Onyx: Fishing in the Dark [Antibody]
Christos Chondropoulos: Observations on Meaningless Song Texts [12th Isle] - affected
Nothus: KTS - Pushlock remix [XCPT]
Noize Creator: You Are Going Down [Praxis]
Cocktail Party Effect: TC377 [YUKU]
MC Yallah: Miniboss [Hakuna Kulala]
Lakker: Swells [YUKU]
Swordman Kitala: Batufitina [Hakuna Kulala]
AnD: Warming Up [Instruments of Discipline]
Lemna: Blot [Horo]
CPSL X XANDR.VASILIEV: Ripper [Detroit Underground]
Hellacopta: Bricked [Armory]
Artilect & RDG: Basic Structure [Weaponry]
Submechanical: Armoury (Shadows remix) [Jezgro]
Ryuji Takeuchi: Either [Blame Rec]
Ingler: Link [Laurent Ho/Six Sixty Six]
Artilect: Infinite Tension [Samurai]
Torana & Torn: Harbinger of Storms [Weaponry]
Slave to Society: Robot Dementia [Natural Selection]
Netsh: Mankind Worships Cyber Gods [Comic Sans]
Scrot: Inertia Rhythm Bowl [Amputate]
Technical Itch: Mutant Species [Tech Itch Dubplates]
Throwing Snow: The Death of Pragmatism (Mako's split up remix) [Houndstooth]
Somatic Responses: Milk Jugs [Underground Futuristic Organisation (UFO)]
ZULI: Sequel ft. Haykal [ZULI]
Sativa Club: Sound of Silence [XCPT]
Dom & Crystl: Stimulant [Over/Shadow]
Base Force One: Welcome to Violence (remix by Alex Buess) [Praxis]
Slikback X Mrigasheera: Kaze [Slikback]
Lord Spikeheart: REM Fodder ft James Ginzburg, Koenraad Ecker [Haekalu]
Elvin Brandhi & Lord Spikeheart: Intracloud666.6 [Hakuna Kulala]
Tar: Ashrar rmx [Drowned by Locals]
AnD: Sun Ray [Instruments of Discipline]
C Mantle: Berserker [Cathartic Noize Experience]
Difficult Child: Big Bang [Magnetic North]
Imminent: Mythrality [Ant-Zen]
British Murder Boys: This Is a Calling [Downwards]
Gridbug: Making of Cyborg [re-texture] [Legs Akimbo]

Illustration: Gregoire Savierson - Instagram @bloodyfunnyclown

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