What is the latest record you purchased?

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Vangelis - Blade Runner OST

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cd - kind tubby - dub gone crazy best of
and new fanu shiznit Icon_yippee Wink
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michal Wrote:cd - kind tubby - dub gone crazy best of
and new fanu shiznit Icon_yippee Wink

see my avatar Xyxthumbs
as to the 2nd one too: Xyxthumbs
non dnb = dj rubbish & cassette boy - inside a whales cock Xyxthumbs

dnb = my girlfriend got me some tunes for xmas, these were inperspective006, intabeats001, esoteric001, iceminus007, penetration009 and a dom & roland old thing on moving shadow, all of which are excellent! :yay

i am also rocking to the new fanu shit
got this one recently which is cool: the mathew herbert big band, on accidental recordings.

and then for drum n bass the new amit on inneractive
Herbie Hancock-Inventions and Dimensions
More Time...
more dubs and subs from the Room 81 camp, and awaiting some Fanu in the mail...
fanu Wrote:[]

see my avatar Xyxthumbs

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fanu Wrote:Vangelis - Blade Runner OST

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i hope you didnt pay much for it

(the ex music store manager in me comming out)

its been a budget release for years now. i used to put it on in store to scare customers away. but it backfired with this japanese man came in and bnought the only copy i had at the time. i never played it in store again.

what did i buy? my last purchase was alien radio by slam, for only nz$4 (about 1 pound thirty) second hand. score. in the same purchase i also bought alex reece's so far for the same price(which i used to own, but sold - then found again), and wild hearted son on 12 inch by the cult. Icon_razzriceless:
John Rolodex ft Scartridge - Industries EP - Dread
Spirit - Labyrinth / Bittersweet - Revolver

those 2 were still in my holding stack over at the local store...went and picked em up last week
Tar - Handsome EP, original pressing, unplayed
Les Hommes Qui Wear Espandrillos - Hückelhoven/Die Ganze Welt, 2xLP clear vinyl
Unwound - The Future of What

3x Icon_yippee

aphex twin - i care because you do
autechre - incunabula
boards of canada - geogaddi
brian eno - ambient 4: on land
underworld - dubnobasswithmyheadman


fracture + neptune - deadlands/discharge
paradox - drumworks (the one with they choose to perplex on it)
twisted anger - tramp
ed rush - sector 3
breakage - numbers ep
hidden face - vortex
polygon Wrote:autechre - incunabula
boards of canada - geogaddi


polygon Wrote:underworld - dubnobasswithmyheadman

Johnny Cash - Live at Folsom Prison
Belle and Sebastian - Story Telling
Missy Elliot - This is not a test

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fanu Wrote:vangelis - blade runner ost

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one of my fave movies ever. watched the director's cut about 3 times
over the course of the weekend. so so many samples have been bitten
from this movie Xyxthumbs
Underworld-The greatest hits compilation tingy
'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D
RJD2 - heres whats left / two more dead
Squarepusher - do you know squarepusher
last dnb record was alpha omega's journey to the 9th level.

madvillain (mf doom & madlib) - america's most blunted 12"
pole's latest lp Xyxthumbs
basic channel - octagon/octaedre 12"
a couple of volcano 7"s, can't remember the artists..
dnb: filter - erase that (urban takeover promo)
non-dnb: tony williams - civilisation

dnb: inperspective 6 & 7, intasounds 1, breakin 2
non-dnb: amon tobin - supermodified & out from out where
L'Roneous Da Versifier - Imaginarium
just got a box from redeye today
njc on l plates21
...and another which has slipped my mind

non d&b:
plastikman - cloer
brant bjork - brant bjork & the operators
alaska album, the one with aerosoul on it
g force and seiji album
both of the recent amit bits on inneractive and cs
...it's like a bloody LIBRARY out there!!! http://twitter.com/executivesteve

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